Our Stocks...

provide flexible investment solutions to your investment needs. We provide our customers a wide array of Usable & Flexible Features to support them through their investment journey.

Electronic Account Opening

Investing could be daunting, why complicate the account opening process too? Fill out your account opening applications online.

Multi-Channel Execution

Power your trading with our dynamic platform which allows us provide you seamless execution services on your mobile, your computer or by sending mandates to our brokers to execute.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

To ensure your investments are safe at all times from unauthorised access, we encourage strict adherence to KYC principles.

Quality Customer Care

We understand the importance of our customer satisfaction. As such, we strive to ensure we deliver optimal services to our customers.

You should be aware that...

All Stocks are subject to minimum nimber of transactions as well as fees. All account types allow you invest in a wide array of asset types in our market.